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Our website proposes that we can study how published authors (specifically J. K. Rowling) affect fan-fiction writers (specifically those writing in the Harry Potter universe) by text mining large numbers of fan fictions, using data we've compiled from the seven Harry Potter books as well as 450 fan fictions from Archive of Our Own.

On this site, you'll find...

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Our own analysis of the use of names in books versus fan fiction

An explanation of our process in creating the data and analyses you see on this site

Interactive graphs containing data not included in our analysis for you to experiment with

All of our data and the sources we used to create this data, our analysis, and this site

Information about the people behind the curtain and how our identities affect this project

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This site is for fans, scholars, and anyone else interested in how fan fiction works. So, have fun, play around, and feel free to engage with this page any way you like!

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